The Loneliest Person in the World

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Do you know who the loneliest person in the world is? If you're a Senior Pastor, it's you!

Yes I know you have friends and I know you have a team that you love, but truth be told, being the leader is always the loneliest place to be.

That's why we have to be in learning environments with other leaders who are going through EXACTLY the same things we are and learn from each other. 

That's one of the reasons I invest time into coaching Senior Pastors, because I know that we need to learn from each other, rejoice with each other, and walk through difficulty with each other. 


I believe that you would benefit from being part of my new Tele-coaching network that's starting on August 26th.


In fact, here's 10 reasons you would benefit from this network:

1. There's going to be 11 other Senior Pastors just like you who are eager to take their churches to the next level.

2. This network is going to talk about everything from personal development to leadership development to staffing.

3. Tele-coaching means you don't have to get on a plane, rent a car, stay in a hotel and be away from your family. You can participate in the network from your home or office. 

4. You'll receive over $500 in resources

5. You'll receive a FREE bonus one on one coaching session (a $199 value)

6. You're going to get hands on, nuts and bolts practical instruction. There's no theory taught here. 

7. You'll be challenged and equipped to break the growth barrier you're stuck up against.

8. You'll get questions answered that deal with your situation right now!

9. You'll be opened up to new ideas and insights you wouldn't otherwise hear

10. You'll be in an environment to grow as a leader and lead at a higher level. 


Simply put, if you want to take your church to the next level, I highly recommend that you apply for my new tele-coaching network!


You can apply for the tele-coaching network here.


Here's what a few recent coaching alumni had to say:


"Joining Bob’s coaching network last year was the best decision I have made as a church planting pastor.  The practical insight I have gained as well as seeing how to get past some of the pitfalls my church had experienced was well worth it! I love the way Pastor Bob shares from his own experiences and what he is continually learning as a student of church life and leadership.” – Pastor in CA.

I highly recommend that pastors and church planters get involved in coaching networks with Bob. I was just about done with pastoral ministry when I got involved in the network. Then my spirit seemed to be revived. I found myself leading the church in a way that had been absent before.  I was praying more. The preaching was more inspire
d. I am certain that being a part of the network was an important part of my being able to move forward and stay in the ministry. Perhaps the greatest benefit I received from the coaching network was that I began to think about the church and my ministry. I highly recommend that. It sure has been a blessing for me.” – Pastor in MA

Here's the link to apply for the tele-coaching network. 

Plus, if you apply for the tele-coaching network and are accepted, I'll send you a copy of my tele-seminar "Leadership Essentials" as a free gift to jump start your leadership growth! 

It's always lonely being the Senior Pastor, but you don't have to be alone!

I hope you'll join me in this new tele-coaching network.