The Frugal Church’s Strategy for Huge Outreach Results

Bob FranquizChurch

I tell my Outreach Ninja coaching members that every church has limited funds.

Even if your budget runs into the millions, it’s not unlimited.

That means, every church should be looking to steward their outreach dollars well.

So how do you remain fiscally responsible while at the same time aggressively seeking to reach you community?

It’s simple.

Focus on reaching those who are most likely to attend your church.

Right now, there are commonalities with those who attend your church.

Even the most ethnically diverse churches (like the church I Pastor) have common attributes that naturally draw them together.

The key is to discover those commonalities and use them as markers in our outreach efforts. That’s what makes Facebook advertising so effective… as well as direct mail.

But you have to know how to use these outreach means strategically to get maximum results for minimum cost.

That’s what Outreach Ninja is all about.

Helping you understand who you’re trying to reach and teaching you the most effective ways of reaching them (for a fraction of what churches normally pay).

In fact, if you register for Outreach Ninja before tomorrow (December 1), you can test drive Outreach Ninja for December for only $49 (that’s 50% off the normal $97 investment).

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December’s Outreach Ninja Coaching is on Evangelistic Preaching and November’s coaching was on creating buzz in your community.

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