The Dojo of Facebook Ads…

Bob FranquizChurch

With the prices of Facebook ads rising upwards of 40% in the last year, we decided it was time to do a webinar to help you get the most “Bang for your Buck” with your Facebook ads.

 So tomorrow (Wednesday August 17th) @2PM EST I’m leading a one hour webinar called, “Reach your Community with Facebook”


Here’s the deal: this webinar is for those who are going to implement  what’s taught. There’s no theory taught here. It’s all practical, nuts and bolts, real world stuff that’s tried and true. 


In fact, here’s what we’re going to be talking about:

– The Do’s and Don’ts of advertising on Facebook 
– The 1 thing you must avoid at all costs 
– How to track your Facebook results and see the return on your investment 
– Who is the easiest group to reach on Facebook 
– How to write copy that gets people to respond 
– How to spend less and reach more people 
– Tips for lowering your cost per click 
– How to create ads that get noticed and get results 

This one hour webinar will literally save you thousands over the next year in ad costs. Plus, you’re going to reach a lot more people as a result of your participation.

But it’s happening tomorrow, so if you snooze, well, you know…

Here’s the link to register.