The Conference before the Pull Conference

Bob FranquizGeneral


Dear Pastor,

I am so excited about our Pull Conference event.


I’ve watched every session and the content is stellar.

We have definitely set the bar higher than any event we’ve ever done.


I want to give you more.

I want do a live Q and A call on the subject of maximizing the Fall on Thursday, September 12th at 3PM EST.

I believe there’s 7 steps to launching a successful Fall campaign and I want to walk you through them.

Then I want to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Normally, I only do in-depth training like this for our Evangelism Ninja members.

However, with the release of my book, Pull: Making your Church Magnetic just around the corner, I think this training will compliment the content of the book and conference.

The training is totally free.

When you sign up for the Pull Conference, we’ll sign you up for the Live Q and A call as well.

Simply click here to sign up.

If you’re doing a Fall launch of any kind, you want to participate in this event.

See you then.



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

P.S. This live Q and A event won’t be replayed or repeated, so I recommend you sign up and be ready to take notes. I’m going to be sharing our best practices on launching a series in the Fall.

P.P.S. Here’s the link once again to participate. Click here.