The Complete Membership System

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Yhst-41514725740354_2059_103437 How do you create a baseline of commitment in your church? How do you communicate expectations? The answer is with a strong membership system! This Membership course is the same class that is used at Calvary Fellowship and has trained hundreds of new believers in what it means to be involved and committed to a local church.

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The Complete Membership System includes:
– Teacher Notes
– Student Notes
– Membership Covenant
– Membership Application
– Calvary Fellowship's Statement of Faith
– Calvary Fellowship's Certificate of Membership
– Class reminder Telephone Scripts
– Class Reminder Emails
– Membership Class Bulletin Announcement
– Membership Approval Letters
– Letters to Address Member Issues
– Membership Checklist
– The step by step Membership System
– 90-day New Member's Review
– Plus much more!

The Membership kit is everything you need to implement a solid membership system in your church!