The Charles Spurgeon Outreach Model

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I’m a big fan of Spurgeon.

In fact, my favorite book of all time is “Lectures to My Students”.

Here’s one of my favorite Spurgeon quotes: “I would sooner bring one sinner to Jesus Christ than unravel all the mysteries of the divine Word, for salvation is the one thing we are to live for.”

I shared this quote at a Pastors gathering in Miami not too long ago. During that event, I met a Pastor named Willie.

Willie was ministering in a tough part of town and after five years of ministry, his church had an average attendance of 50 people.

After hearing me speak, he decided to join Outreach Ninja.

He had never tried any kind of promotional outreach to let the community know about his church.

After a couple of months learned the strategies we teach, he decided to invest the few dollars he had into his Easter outreach.

He called me just before Easter and said, “Pastor Bob, I’ve never done anything like this before, but I trust that God can use what you’ve taught me to reach my community who so desperately needs the Gospel.”

Willie mobilized his congregation, sent out some strategic postcards to his neighborhood and did some practical ministry the weekend before Easter.

When Easter Sunday came, over 250 people packed out his church. It was by far the largest attended service in the history of his church.

We’ve been blessed to see this happen in churches of all sizes.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping churches and why I want to help your church reach its’ full redemptive potential.

In fact, we’re offering an Easter bundle that will fully customize for your church as a bonus when you test drive Outreach Ninja.

Plus, we’re going to give you the monthly coaching you need to make a huge impact on your city this Easter.

Here’s the best news: you can test drive Outreach Ninja for only $1 and you’ll receive the Easter Bundle as a bonus.

We are committed to helping churches like yours reach more people than ever this year.

If that’s your “Spurgeon-esque” desire, then you’re the right person for Outreach Ninja coaching.

So head over to to get started.



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship