The Bloodthirsty Vampire’s Guide to Increased Giving

Bob FranquizChurch

I know it’s weird, but I grew up watching vampire movies.

Not the lame ones starring Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas.

The old, 70’s style ones where Dracula could have doubled for an Elvis impersonator.

There’s one thing that I love about the 70’s vampires.

One thing that made them so effective.

In fact, this one skill could really help us church leaders in many ways.

These vampires knew when to strike.

They. had. impeccable. timing.

There are rhythms to church life and those of us who understand those rhythms experience the blessing increased giving when we leverage the seasons correctly.

There are seasons in a person’s life when talking about giving can really help them develop as a disciple.

So with Halloween around the corner, we’re doing our Spookiest sale of the year.

We’re offering all of our financial resources in a bundle for 50% off!

That means you’ll get the following resources:
1. The Church Budget ($89.95 value)
2. The Tithe Challenge ($89.95 value)
3. The Cash Crunch ($19.95 value)

All together, those resources are normally $199.85, but during this 72 hour sale you can receive all 3 of these best selling resources for $99!

That’s more treats than a full night of trick or treating can get you.

But the sale ends on Thursday at midnight. So don’t miss it.

If you’re interested, grab a few cloves of garlic and click here.