The Army’s Leadership Secret

Bob FranquizChurch

The U.S. Army rocks for many reasons.

But there’s one reason that most people overlook, that makes the Army unparalleled as an organization.

It’s not their battle skills.

Or their exceptional abilities.


It’s one thing… they exclusively raise up their own leaders.

The Army doesn’t “borrow” soldiers from other branches of the military when they’re looking for new leaders.

Instead, the Army does the hard work of training men and women who can lead at all levels.

They have a thoughtful strategy for turning Privates into Generals.

Most churches fail to put together a winning plan for raising up leaders and seeing people go from infancy to maturity in Christ.

The reason?

No one has given Pastors a proven system for training leaders from within who can lead at all levels in the church.

Leadership Ninja is a 6-month coaching experience that will teach you a reproducible system for investing in leaders and discipling people for maximum effectiveness.

How do I know this works?

Because in 11 years we’ve never had to hire 1 person from the outside.

Not. even. once.

The best leaders in your church are the ones you raise up.

We’ll help you do that.

Leadership Ninja starts in just a few weeks (May 16th @ 2PM EST) and you don’t want to miss it.

So if you’re interested, grab your gear and head over to

P.S. There’s a bunch of bonuses who those who participate in Leadership Ninja. has all the details.