The 4 Horsemen of the Outreach Apocalypse

Bob FranquizChurch

I’m watching something really sad happen.

It’s churches who aren’t actively trying to reach their community because they’ve believed false information.

So instead of reaching their community full throttle, they’re sitting on their hands because the “info” they’ve heard has paralyzed them.

So let’s tackle these 4 “outreach killers”…

Outreach Killer #1 – “It costs too much to promote our church to the community.”

When you’re doing your promotion right, you spend less than what the average church spends and you reach enough people who begin giving so that the investment doesn’t actually “cost” you anything.

Outreach Killer #2 – “Social media is the only thing that works in this day and age.”

The truth is, direct mail is still getting insanely better results than any social media related marketing.

I like social media, but there’s a reason companies are still using other means to reach you. They still work.

Outreach Killer #3 – “People aren’t open to the Gospel like they used to be.”

That is absolutely false. In fact, I’ve found that current world conditions have made people more open than ever.

Outreach Killer #4 – “We’ll get the same lame results that other churches get in our outreach.”

That’s only true if you do it their way.

The Outreach Ninja way is to spend less and reach more.


Through a simple process that anyone can learn and get awesome results!

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