The 10 Day Rule

Bob FranquizUncategorized

With Batman opening this weekend I thought it would be a good time to introduce a new rule to blogging, twittering, facebook, smoke signals and any other form of mass communication. I’m calling it the “10 day rule”.

The 10 day rule is as follows: when a movie is released, you can’t reveal details of the movie of the above mentioned forms of communication until 10 days after a movie is released. This allows people who haven’t seen the movie opening weekend to see the film without fear of being told details about a movie they have looked forward to but haven’t seen yet.

I’m seeing this rule broken and it is reaching critical levels, so now I have to act. Stand with me in implementing the “10 day rule”!

Some might ask, “What about TV shows?” I ask for a 3 day rule. It can’t be 10 days because the next episode would have already aired. I think it would also be good for us to announce when we’re going to talk about a TV show or movie and write “Spoiler alert”, thus informing readers that details of the film or show will be discussed.

We live in a civilized society, my hope is that we continue to be civilized in our online dealings.

Thank you and may God bless America!