The 1 Thing You Must Do for New Believers

Bob FranquizChurch

I got this question recently, so thought I'd post my answer: 

"I see that you guys reach a lot of unchurched people. How do you help them take the next step after conversion?"  

First, this is a fantastic question. It's the question that we should be obsessed with getting better at answering.  There's more than one issue here, but I'll give you a couple of important points: 

1) Define what the next step is – People will generally follow the steps if you lay them out in a logical way and only share the steps one at a time. Share more than that and you'll confuse or intimidate them. 

2) Be clear to the new believer – Clearly let the new believer know what you want them to do. At Calvary Fellowship, if they make a decision for Jesus, we want them to indicate that decision on a connection card. This is of the utmost importance because without their information we can't follow up. 

If you want our step by step process for following up and discipling new believers, check out our "New Believer Follow Up System" by clicking here