The 1 Thing I Never Knew about Leading a Growing Church

Bob FranquizChurch


When I planted Calvary Fellowship in September of 2000, we started growing
almost immediately.

Then I noticed something.

It was something I had never thought about.

People started disappearing.

Some people got transferred out of town.

Some people bought new homes in a different city.

Some people simply moved on.

In a word, I learned about attrition.

Here’s the harsh reality for all of us as church leaders, you need to grow by 15% every year just to stay the same.

If you’re a church of 200, you need to reach 30 people every year just to
remain a church of 200.

If you want to grow to the next level, you need to first replace all of those who are leaving for various reasons.

Here’s the point: every church that wants to grow needs to be reaching people
all the time.

But we especially need to maximize the big days throughout the year.

That means Easter needs to be one of days where we push every evangelistic tool
at our disposal to reach the maximum amount of people.

In our Outreach Ninja coaching, we teach our members how to reach people using every possible means. Plus, we teach you
how to do it for nickels compared to what most churches spend.

One of the ways we do this is by totally customizing our done-for-you
resources, thus saving you thousands in design costs.

In fact, every Outreach Ninja member is getting an Easter bundle that
gives them everything they need to invite their community to Easter.

You can test drive Outreach Ninja for the next 30 days for only $1.

Plus, you’ll get the Easter bundle totally customized for your church.

It’s the best decision you can make this Easter season.

It’s only 34 days away.

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Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

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