The 1 Thing about Leadership that Drives me Crazy

Bob FranquizLeadership

I love leadership. I am a student of leadership. I read 150 books a year; many of them on the subject of leadership.

But there’s one thing that simply drives me crazy: no one talks about how to develop leaders.

I’ve read the “famous” books that are supposed to be about developing leaders, but most of those books are filled with stories.

Not. much. meat. on. the. bone.

This inability to articulate a process for developing leaders has left many churches in desperate need of leaders.

So what are many churches stuck doing? Hiring away leaders from other churches.

To me, it’s church equivalent to taking your mom to the prom because you can’t get a date.

As churches, discipleship and leadership development are the 1 thing we should be experts at.

That’s why I’ve decided to lead a 6-month coaching network called “Leadership Ninja”.

This goal here is to teach you a proven system of developing leaders in your church at every level.

You’re never going to need to hire a staffing service or scan the staff page of another church looking for a new team member. Instead, you’ll be able to grow elders in your church.

So if you’re interested, saddle up and head over to