The #1 Rule of Church Guest Follow Up

Bob FranquizGeneral

Easter is just days away and lots of first time guests will be at your church.

Also, many will make decisions to follow Jesus in your services.

Here’s my question: how will you help them come back next week?

Rule #1 for effective follow up is: Get contact information so you can follow up with them and help them take their first few spiritual steps.

Here’s the principle behind this rule: you can’t follow up with people you do not know. IF you have no contact info, you cannot so follow up.

So that’s why job #1 for us as church leaders is to make we have a mechanism for gathering contact information.

Next, you have to know how to USE that information.

Not knowing how to use the information is why most churches see new believers and newcomers slip through the cracks.

Good assimilation isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity if you’re serious about reaching your city and helping them grow to maturity.

In 2015 we saw 1,319 people make a first time decision to follow Jesus in our services (and we’re on track to beat that number in 2016).

We’re no stranger to seeing lots of new believers who need follow up and a strategic process for their spiritual growth.

Not all guests receive Christ the first time they step in your door.

So you have to know how to do follow up.

That’s why I put together this simple infographic with a follow up strategy for you.

It’s my free gift to you: