That’s Life!

Bob FranquizChurch

1126791232_thumb_lifeWe kicked off a brand new series called "Life", in which we are looking Solomon’s life as told in Ecclesiastes.  It went great. The message was enetitled, "That’s Life."  The main point we are working from is that "God wants to add life to your years".  Solomon wasted so many years of his life only to realize this truth when he was close to the end of the journey.  We designed the whole theatre to look like "the game of life" and it looked amazing.  Carey put together an amazing video that set up the message perfectly and our worship team did a great job with the music elements by playing "O Praise Him" by Crowder, and "This is your life" by Switchfoot.  We also had a 5-year anniversary video that was great.  The people loved it.  It was a great Sunday!