Tests as Tools

Bob FranquizChurch

We're grateful that we've been able to exclusively hire from within at Calvary from day one. Having said that, we do interview extensively and test to make sure the person is right for the position.  

The question is, "What tests do we use?" We use 3 different tests for 3 different reasons:

#1 – Myers-Briggs

#2 – Strengthfinder

#3 – The DISC Profile 

Myers-Briggs tells us about the person's temperament. Strengthfinders tells us their natural strengths and the DISC tells us how they are best managed and the type of job they would excel at. 

All 3 of these things are important in selecting the right person. 

Obviously, when hiring you're looking for the call of God on the person's life. But just because someone is called doesn't mean the particular position you're hiring for is right for them.  That's why tests are a great tool to use to help you make the right decision.