Sunday Thoughts

Bob FranquizUncategorized

– Today was great! 16 people gave their lives to Jesus!
– Met a lot of new people on Sunday.
– People are taking next steps in their faith. Nothing excites me more.
– Looking forward to my time in Tampa this week with some Pastors. It’s always a great time of growth for me.
– I bought Heroes season 1. OMG, it’s amazing! Carey and I watched episodes until we both passed out.
– I was at Target and bought 2 pens with Dwight Shrute’s face on them. That’s just quality merchandise.
– I dropped the Dolphins for my Fantasy team. I picked up the Lions. No help there.
1/2 of my fantasy team was hurt. Lame!
The Red Sox absolutely crushed the Angels! Schilling was dominant.
– My guess is the Indians will win in 4. The Yankees don’t look so good.
What happened to the Cubs? My friends from Chi-town refuse to even talk about it.
– On that note: what happened to the Phillies? They didn’t even show up to play.
Mark is blogging again. Check him out.
– I’m still bummed over missing Catalyst this year.
– I think there’s an iPhone in my future. This is purely prophetic, but it may happen ­čÖé