Sunday Thoughts… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was great! The place was jam packed!
– I taught a very Un-Christmas message on Mark 13. Nothing like a message on the end of the world at Christmastime:) Funny enough, I talked to a bunch of first time guests who told me they loved it. Lots of people made first time decisions to follow Jesus (stats forthcoming)
– I was so exhausted after Sunday. It wasn’t so much the services, it was my sister-in-law having a baby and us watching her 2 kids while she was in the hospital. 3 kids going nuts in my house was more than I could handle with no caffeine.
– I’ve been telling Carey I want 5 kids… now I’m not so sure 🙂
– I had several people come up to me before and after the services and tell me how much they love Calvary Fellowship. I couldn’t help but agree 🙂
– I’ve gotten some great evaluation of my teaching over the last month and it’s really helped. I feel like I’m taking it to another level. (I don’t know if I actually am, I’m just saying I feel like I am 🙂
– We had an electrical problem in our first service and the lights went out. The culprit? Our stage Christmas tree! I knew those were of the devil!
– Usually this time of year has a lot of big film releases and we’re pressed for time, but the theatre has been pretty quiet.
– The Golden Compass? It’s headed south. It grossed 26 million at the box office this weekend. I’m so glad that churches didn’t come out against this movie. It would have only increased revenue. I don’t know if the guy who wrote it hated God or not. What I do know is that his movie came out and no one cared.
– I’m stilling freaking out over my 11th row seats to Van Halen! (With David Lee Roth). I can’t wait!
– We got a picture this week of Mia with Santa Claus! It was awesome! She really like him. I’m starting to like Christmas more.
– I’m looking forward to our Christmas celebration services on Dec. 23rd! It’s going to be awesome!