Sunday Thoughts…

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– Church was great today! Talked about what greatness in the kingdom is (service).
– 31 people indicated they wanted to begin serving!
– We have over 50% of our people involved serving already, so this is exciting!
– I went to the preview of the IKEA store in Sunrise. Pretty impressive.
– Watching Heroes Season 1…totally addicted 🙂
– When we started our elevate series in September, I was praying for every person to take 1 significant spiritual step. I’m looking forward to sharing the results because it’s looking very good!
– I don’t want to talk about the Red Sox game. I slept horribly on Saturday night.
– Had a great time this week in Tampa hanging out with some Pastors and learning.
– These guys watched a video of a recent CF service. To say I was nervous is an understatement 🙂
This book has been a very good read for me.
– My daughter’s 2 top teeth are coming in! Pray for us 🙂