Sunday Stuff… (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Surprisingly good day today. 

– I honestly thought today would be a ghost town and we had a good crowd. 

– 1st service was a little light, but the 2nd service was well represented. 

– I finished the book of Esther this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching through this book. 

– I've taught through 24 books of the Bible since we started Calvary Fellowship.

– It's 12 Old Testament and 12 New Testament for those keeping score at home.

– One of my life goals is to preach through the entire Bible.

– At my current rate, I'll be done in 2031 ­čÖé

– Next week we start a new series called, "Happily ever After". I'm spending 5 weeks talking about marriage. Can't wait!

– It was a bitter sweet day because next week we start our Miramar campus next week! 

– I'm as excited and nervous about Miramar as I was when we started Calvary 9 years ago!

– The 1st of 3 direct mail hits went out. The 2nd will hit Monday/ Tuesday and the last one will hit on Thursday/ Friday. 

– In case you're curious, all 3 pieces were different. I talk about our direct mail strategy here. 

– 43 people took the tithe challenge today! I spent about 7 minutes talking about giving in today's message. I'm excited to hear great things about all that God does. 

– If you want to know our Tithe Challenge strategy, it's here. 

– Only 2 spots left for my new coaching network that starts in less than 2 weeks! Apply here.(We do have partial scholarships for those who need it)

– I've got a big announcement in this Tuesday's newsletter. I'm really excited about this. You can subscribe for free here.

– Talking about some fun stuff on the blog this week. Don't miss it. 

– Have a great week!