Sunday Stuff… (Mother’s Day Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Fantastic day today!     

– I love Mother's Day. We do free family portraits every year and it was nice to see many so many families together today. 

– I taught on "Honoring your Mother and Father" as we continued in 10 Words series

– This series has been so well received. I'm sad there's only 5 weeks left 🙂

– Lots of new faces today. 

– Lots of 1st time decisions today. 

– I'm blown away by the outpouring of God 's Spirit in 2010. If trends continue, we're going to see well over 1,000 people get saved at Calvary this year. 

– I still remember our 1st 18 months when no one came to the Lord. I'm so grateful that things changed for the better. 

– For those who want to know how that change happened, you can find it here

– Mark and the band did a great job. 

– They had to do an extra song in Miami Lakes because I went long in Miramar (oops!)

– Next week I'm teaching "You shall not murder". Looking forward to that topic… sort of 🙂

– We're making some big changes at I'm hoping to be able to roll them out later this week. 

– I'm going to be doing Q and A on the blog this week. Looking forward to answering a bunch of questions that have come in. Feel free to send in any questions you'd like me to answer. 

– Happy Mother's Day!