Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Grrrrrreeeaaaat day today (Insert Tony the Tiger voice here)

– I taught Revelation 2:18-29. The Church at Thyatira.  Not an easy message, but people responded really well.  
– Mark and the band were great.  
– I was out of town last week, so being back was great for me. 
– We have a culture of inviting at our church.  There are people who bring an entire row of people to church!  Awesome!
– I'm getting really excited about Easter. We're praying for God to do something big! 
– Looking forward to my Zero to Sixty seminar in Miami next Thursday.  
– Also looking forward to my Zero to Sixty seminar in Atlanta on April 2nd.  
– Finally back on East Coast time and finally getting some sleep.  
– I haven't gotten U2's new album.  The reviews I'm hearing are mixed.
– We had a great baptism yesterday!  I'm always excited to see people take this important step of faith. 
– I'm talking to lots of people in our church who are committed to reading through the entire Bible. I'm so excited to see their hunger for God's Word.  

By the way, we announced on Sunday that we're having a BOY!!!!!!  I'm excited beyond words.  Please pray for us, for a healthy baby and a smooth delivery.