Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Yesterday was amazing! 

– I taught Proverbs 31 & talked about the ideal woman 

– Yes, I cried… in both services!

– I get very emotional when I talk about my wife & how good God has been to me. 

– I was amazed to see the majority of people in the congregation (both men and women) crying as well. 

– I believe God was glorified and we were challenged to follow Jesus more closely 

– I really believe this Proverbs series has been one of the most powerful series of teachings we've ever done. God is using every message to impact lives.  

– 479 people have given their lives to Jesus at Calvary in 2009.  That doesn't include the 600+ that have rededicated their lives to Jesus. God is using Calvary to reach lost people and I'm humbled that God would use us to reach so many lost people.  

– For those who want to know how we follow up on those 479 people, it's all here

– After church we had a big picnic with all of our volunteers to thank them for all they do 

– We gave out our annual "Servant of the year" award to a great guy who has been serving faithfully over the last 9 years at Calvary.  It was great to honor Pedro Delgado for his faithful service.  

– We rolled out our BIG NEWS to the volunteers and everyone was excited.  

– I can't wait to share it on Sunday with the entire congregation!  

– Busy week this week and vacation next week! 

– Really looking forward to this week's newsletter. Talking about showing gratitude, an upcoming leadership event, and as always a great book recommendation! 

– The Yankees are going to the World Series. My response? Go Phillies!