Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– First thing: I think Sunday Stuff will be posted on Mondays. I'm too busy on Sunday afternoons to post this, so it will coming to you on Mondays. 

– Yesterday was a great day at Calvary! 

– I taught a message called "Unsung Heroes" on the judges we don't know much about.

– Technically, I covered Judges 9:1-10:6; 12:8-15 

– I purposely skipped over Jephthah, since we'll be covering him this Sunday

– I love talking about obscure Bible characters. I find it challenging, since there's very few commentaries on them.

– Funny enough, I've gotten 2 requests for me to write a commentary on Judges. Unfortunately, those 2 requests didn't come from publishers :) 

– The band sounded great as usual. 

– We baptized a bunch of people after church (don't have the exact number, but it was a great crowd)

– I love when people obey the Scriptures and take next steps! 

– I've 16 of the last 18 Sundays. I'm mentally fried. I'm looking forward to a break.

– I'm also looking forward to being in New England in a couple of weeks.

– I'll be spending time at 2 great churches and hopefully adding value to what they do.

– Plus, I'll be leading a FREE seminar called, "The Anatomy of Explosive Outreach". If you're in the area, you can register here

– Have a great week!