Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was smooth. It was our 3rd week at the school and our systems seen to be running nicely.
– We continued in our New Testament Challenge series. I’m living this series.
– Taught on perseverance today. Seemed like it connected with a lot of people.
– We’ve got our whole church reading through the New Testament in 63 days.
– I’m doing it as well and it has been awesome! I’ve read the NT dozens of times, but there’s something about reading it so quickly that’s been great.
– This was our final week to sign up for Small Groups. 75% of the groups were totally filled. Im really excited about that.
– Church isn’t that hard when you’re only focusing on a few key areas.
– Mark and the band did a great job as always.
– Busy day on Tuesday. Meetings all day.
– Looking forward to our monthly coaching network on Wednesday.
– Thursday and Friday will be study days to finish up Sunday and hopefully get a little ahead.
– The Red Sox need a win tonight. They should have won game 2, but they handed it over.
– Read some good books last week. I will review them soon.
– I’m getting really excited about the church planters tele-coaching network that I’ll be leading. We’ve got an awesome group of guys shaping up. If you want to participate, the link is here.