Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Awesome and crazy Sunday!
– After 6 years, Sunday was our last Sunday at the theatre. People asked me if I felt nostalgic or sad. I didn’t until I saw the whole place empty and the theatre looked like the first day I saw it.
– I remembered seeing 450 seats and thinking, “Will we ever fill this place up?” The fact that we were doing 3 services in the theatre reminded me of God’s faithfulness and power.
– I also reminded me that God wants our churches to succeed more than we do.
– Have said that, I am totally excited about move to Barbara Goleman High School this Sunday. You can’t beat an 1,000 seat auditorium.
– I love that we’re moving to 2 services: 10:00AM and 11:30AM.
– Lots of stuff going on last week and this week. The office has been crazy.
– I’ve been getting up at 3AM-4AM everyday because I have so much to do.
– I’m excited about having Monday off. Work all you want for 6 days, but don’t forget to take the Sabbath. I’m convinced a day off will make your 6 days more productive.
– Hector led worship again on Sunday and it was fantastic. He’s developing into a solid worship leader. It’s a tribute to Mark’s leadership that we have 3 worship leaders who can lead at any time.
– Mark and I co-taught the message on Sunday. This was a first at our church. We talked about “Next Steps” in our walk with God. It was fun.
– The great part of co-teaching with 3 services is that your voice isn’t trashed by the end of the 3rd service.
– After church, about 50 guys grabbed all of our stuff and moved it into the 2 trailers we got.
– These guys killed about 20 pizzas that we bought for them for helping out. That’s a lot of pizza!
– Man, do we have a lot of stuff! I was amazed by how much stuff we use ­čÖé
– That doesn’t include all the stuff we’re getting for services at the school!
– Can’t wait for this Sunday! I think people are going to be blown away when they walk in.
– Can’t wait for the Launch conference Nelson Searcy and I are teaching next Tuesday (9/30) in Atlanta! It’s going to be awesome! You can register here.
– Looking forward to hanging out with my good friend Jason as well. We’re going to a private training event in Atlanta on Wednesday and Thursday that we’re looking forward to.