Sunday Stuff… (Father’s Day Edition)

Bob FranquizGeneral

– Great day today at Calvary!

– We kicked off our "ReThink" series in Ephesians by covering Ephesians 1:1-14

– I  talked about knowing God as your Father.

– People were very moved by the message. I was happy to see God working in the lives of people. 

– As much as I love teaching, I'm glad to have the next 2 Sundays off from writing messages.

– Next Sunday, Don Richardson (Author of the best selling book "The Peace Child") is going to be at all services at Calvary. 

– I'm bummed that I'm missing him, but happy that the church is going to be exposed to his ministry

– I'm look forward to teaching a brand new seminar in Friday in West Hartford called, "The pillars of a Healthy Church."

– I'm looking forward to spending time with my family this week (including my dad, my older sister and older brother). 

– I'm hoping to take Mia to a Red Sox game next week. We'll see how that goes ­čÖé

– Got some questions about preaching last week, so I'm going to do some Q and A on preaching and teaching on the blog this week. 

– Happy Father's Day!