Sunday Stuff (Father’s Day Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary (I know I say that every week)!

– I taught Romans 8:1-17

– Had the opportunity to teach on calling God “Abba”

– Today was a fantastic day to spend with my kids. Plus, I got to have lunch with my dad. Good times.

– I love teaching the Bible, but I’m looking forward to the break I have coming up.

– Those that teach on a weekly basis know the grind that it can be

– Don’t think “grind” in a bad way. I mean it in the way baseball players say the 162 game season is.

– You just have to get time off so you can stay fresh.

– Plus, my church doesn’t need to hear me every week. That’s not healthy.

– We need to hear God’s Word taught from others. Every person brings their own insights and gifting when they teach.

– Here’s a confession: I live in Miami, my daughter is 4 1/2 and we’ve never taken her to the beach. That’s changing this week

– The respons to Outreach Ninja has been amazing! Over 1/3 of our Charter Memberships have been taken. I’m blown away.

– I didn’t think we’d get this kind of response over the summer! You can check out our charter memberships here.

– We’ve had 100’s of pastors on our “Top 5 Outreach Mistakes” webinars over the last week and a half.

– Yet I’ve had several Pastors email me that they were out of town or unavailable when we offered them. I think we’re going to offer a replay this Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

– Been doing a lot of reading. Looking forward to sharing some recommend reading in the near future. (I’m doing an in-depth review of a leadership book every month for our Outreach Ninja members. It’s going to be part Cliff Notes/ part study guide. It will be a great tool to use with your staff and/ or team.

– My daughter got me a Father’s Day card with Darth Vader on it. That’s a compliment, right? Happy Father’s Day!