Sunday stuff easter edition

Bob FranquizChurch

– I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that today was the best day in out history.
– Both Miramar and Miami Lakes were slammed.
– I’ll have stats later today, but it was a complete mob scene.
– We’re already talking about where we’re going to do Easter next year.
– the bands in both locations were outstanding
– the servants in both locations went above and beyond. I’m so proud of them.
– We kicked off a new series called “Ten Words” as we look at the commandments.
– People responded really well to the message.
– the Easter egg hunts in both locations went amazingly well.
– Yes I rocked a suit yesterday.
– For the record, I wear a jacket every Sunday.
– Monday is going to be a day of followup, planning and thanking people.
– we’ve got a new staff member starting Monday. hiss name is Joel and he’s our youth worship leader. His areas of responsibility will be missions and outreach.
– Big announcement happening at 10:30am today.
– This post was written on the iPad. Trust me, you want one ­čÖé
– by the way, I’ll be preaching from it this Sunday. I’m testing to see if this will work out.
– I was blessed to read all the reports from so many Pastors on Sunday. God is at work!
– Have a great week!