Sunday Stuff (Couples Retreat Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

-I didn’t teach this Sunday at Calvary. Instead, I was teaching at our annual Couples Retreat
– What an amazing weekend!
– We watched God work in the lives of couples in our church. It was an amazing experience!
– Our theme was “Building a Rock Solid Marriage”. Our theme text was Psalm 127.
– I opened the retreat on Friday and closed the retreat this morning.
– I was totally blown away by the Naples Grande. Their service was incredible and the facility was beautiful.
– Back at home, Pastor John taught at Calvary and continued our Inside Out series through the book of Romans as he covered Romans 4.
– Carey and I totally needed this weekend away.
– That being said, we’re glad to be back home with the kids.
– We’re announcing an awesome webinar tomorrow on the blog for Pastors and church leaders.
– I can’t wait to delve into this topic. It’s going to help a lot of churches (and by the way, it’s free)
– Have great week!