Sunday Stuff and Other Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was a mixed bag. 3rd service was great. 2nd service was pretty good. 1st service was lame.
– Taught on how to study the Bible. People seemed to respond to it really well. I purposely didn’t do a Father’s Day message
– We gave away copies of Wild at Heart to every guy today. That was cool.
– Attendance was good. Great to see so many guys at church on “their” day!
– I am loving our TXT series so much, I expended it 2 weeks 🙂
– Looking forward to my message on the 22nd. I’m going to answer questions via text. Should fun. (If you’ve done this and have any insights or do’s and don’ts, please email me)
– Looking forward to hanging out with some Pastors on Wednesday in Tampa.
– Flying to Boston on Thursday. I’m hoping to get there before the best bakery in the world closes. They usually remember me because I’m the guy from Miami that that comes in once a year and orders 10 pounds of cookies a time 🙂
– Looking forward to teaching an assimilation seminar in Hartford on Friday (June 20th) and going to a concert with my good buddy Bill.
– Mark & I are going to The Journey on Sunday morning to see how they do I-mag and multi-site. All of their locations are portable, so I’m looking forward to learning.
– I’m pretty sure that Carmine’s is in our future while we’re there 🙂