Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Not even sure what to say about today. 

– I was prepared to teach on Judges 3, but I felt a nudge by the Holy Spirit to deal with an issue in our church. So at 6PM on Saturday evening I started writing a message to deal with it. 

– I felt God move in our church like few times in our history. 

– As hard as the message was, people responded amazingly! 

– The band sounded great. I'm so proud of those guys. 

– I taught out of Deuteronomy 26 and Amos 4 (I know. Passages that get taught all the time – ha!)

– I'm looking forward to seeing how our church responds. 

– To quote William Hung, "I gave my best performance. I have no regrets." 

– I've got a lot of thoughts in my head that God has been showing me over this last season of our church. I'm hoping to share them here and on Twitter in the next few weeks. 

– I serve with an amazing group of people. If my staff told me they were leaving, I'd ask them where because I'd go too ­čÖé They're a special bunch. 

– I've set a goal to lose 40 pounds by December 31st. I started on Monday. I weigh in tomorrow to see how I did the 1st week. I'm putting it here for no other reason than accountability. 

– I weighed 190 pounds when my daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago. Needless to say, as my wife lost the baby weight from both of my kids, I gained them. They need to go! 

– How am I going to lose the weight? To quote Malcolm X, "By any means necessary." So if you've got something that works, email it to me.  

– Having lunch this week with a Pastor-friend I don't see nearly enough and a church planter I've never met. Looking forward to both. 

– Have a great week!