Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Fantastic day at Calvary!

– It was a full day of ministry.

– Preached the Sunday services. Baby dedication. Baptisms. Officiated a wedding.

– Then I wrestled with my kid for 2 hours. That’s what wiped me out the most 🙂

– Finished preaching through Nehemiah today.

– If I haven’t mentioned it recently, I love teaching expositionally!

– That’s 31 books of the Bible taught. I love it!

– There’s no better way to disciple a congregation.

– Love seeing people make the decision to be baptized.

– We let everyone know that our church committed to give $500,000 towards the purchase of a permanent facility. 

– Here’s what blows me away about this: God did all this with 4 meetings and 1 sermon. Awesome!

– Here’s the amazing part: there’s no building/ property. This money is being given so we’re ready when the opportunity arises.

– It shows the faith of our church and the willingness to sacrifice. I’m honored to be the Pastor at Calvary.

– Pastors: because of the overwhelming demand, we’re offering the “Double your Decisions this Christmas” on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. You can register here. There’s 4 available times. 

– My wife is due in less than 40 days. Crazy times 🙂

– I am to blessed to hear the stories of guys who are doubling their churches because of what they are learning through Outreach Ninja. It fires me up! You can test drive Outreach Ninja for only $49 for the next 30 days. Get more info here