Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary!

– We paused from our Nehemiah series to do Commitment Sunday for our capital campaign.

– Our goal is to raise money for a down payment on a facility.

– I’m blown away by the response of our church.

– We don’t have the totals yet (and we aren’t announcing them until November 20th).

– It was a great Sunday.

– After the week I had, I needed the kind of Sunday we had

– The band was great. We don’t normally close in song, but we did today. Loved it!

– I didn’t love my message per se, but I got a ton of feedback.

– I think the future is bright at Calvary!

– Word to the wise: if you haven’t started your preparations for Christmas Eve services, you’re already behind.

– Talking about Christmas and preaching on the blog this week. I think there will be a lot to help you and your church.