Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary!

– I taught Nehemiah 2 on the subject of, “How to Turn Vision into Reality”

– I love talking practically about how God wants people to live His vision for their lives.

– The band sounded especially good today

– We had some technical difficulties before our 1st service. Ah, the joys of being portable ­čÖé

– After 11 years, I’m still blown away when I hear the stories of God working in people’s lives

– In the last couple of weeks I’ve been telling stories of how God called us to start Calvary. Today, I feel more called than ever. I’m still honored to be the Pastor of Calvary Fellowship.

– If you’re a Pastor, my Leadership Ninja coaching network has 8 spots left. We start in just over 2 weeks (October 12th @ 2PM EST). Here’s the info —->┬á

– For those who have asked about Outreach Ninja lately, we’re talking all things Facebook in September and October. So if you want to know how to master Facebook and make it your best evangelist for nickels, give Outreach Ninja a test drive for a month. You get 100% of Outreach Ninja for 50% of the investment. Check it out here ——> ┬álink