Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary!

– We finished Romans! Our 5 1/2 month series through this book has matured our congregation, but it wasn’t easy.

– However, what a joy to teach God’s people God’s Word!

– I’m looking forward to starting Nehemiah next Sunday.

– If you aren’t aware, we’re celebrating our 11 year anniversary as a church next Sunday. Very excited about that!

– We celebrated Communion today. It’s always special to go to the Lord’s table.

–  The band sounded great today.

– We’ve got a new staff member starting on Monday. Looking forward to George Martinez being a great impact player. George is taking over all of our administration, financial counseling and a top-secret project I have him working on.

– George got saved at Calvary. Baptized at Calvary. Grew in his faith at Calvary. Now he’s joining the staff. In my book, that’s the way it should be.

– Speaking of that, I’m leading a FREE webinar for Pastors on Tuesday and Wednesday called, “Creating a Leadership Pipeline”. This 45-minute webinar is going to teach you how to build a system for developing leaders at all levels. You can register here.