Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Awesome day at Calvary!

– I taught Romans 14:1-15:7

– Talked about reducing conflict. Got lots of feedback about the message.

– The band sounded great. I’m amazed at how they keep taking it to new levels every week.

– Our 11 year anniversary is in 3 weeks!

– Rolling our some big plans on September 18th. Can’t wait to see what God does!

– Been meeting with a lot of Pastors over the last month. I’m continually reminded and encouraged that God is working in all denominations and movements.

– I did a survey asking our newsletter subscribers what they need the most help with.  I was totally surprised by the answers. I’ll be sharing some of my finding this week. I’ll also be sharing my plan to help as well.

– Looking forward to training some SBC church planters this week. I love hanging out with church planters.

– We added a feature to Outreach Ninja where we give them access to our printers so they receive 50%-60% off what they’d normally pay for printing. Excited at how many are saving their churches tons of money by using our service.  

– Our Expositional Preaching Month 50% off sale ends on Wednesday at Midnight. Click here to see all our sermon series on sale. Use the code  preaching50 to get the discount.