Sunday Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary!

– I haven’t seen the numbers, but it felt like a lighter crowd.  School starts in 2 weeks, so people are getting their last summer vacations in.

– I taught on using your gifts out of Romans 12:3-8

– I enjoyed teaching the message today. I think a lot of people signed up to serve.

– We’re blessed to have just over 50% participation in serving.

– It’s one of the things that allows us to keep a leaner staff. We have a small staff compared to our congregational size. I think that’s healthy.

– I think there’s an unplanned Star Wars reference in 75% of my messages 🙂

– The band sounded great as usual.

– We soft-launched our Outreach Ninja fan page on Facebook. Over 500 people have become fans.  We’re going to give away stuff to those who are fans.  In fact, you can get a special report on the “4 keys to effective online and offline outreach” just for becoming a fan. and clicking “like”. Check out our fan page here.

– My goal is to do some giveaways for our fans. In fact, we’re going to do a contest where I’m going to raffle off some resources. But as they say in the Florida Lotto, “You’ve got to be in it to win it” 🙂  More on that soon.

– We launched Outreach Ninja this week and it went really well. We need to tweak a couple of things, but overall the feedback was great. You can Test Drive Outreach Ninja for less than the cost of a Big Mac. Click here for more info.

– We’re doing a webinar next Wednesday (August 17th) @2PM EST called, “Reach your Community with Facebook”. This 1 hour webinar will teach you how to harness the power of Facebook to reach people. You can learn more here.

– This week on the blog I’m going to answers some common outreach related questions. Should be fun.

– Have a great week!