Sunday Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

– Amazing day at Calvary!

– We continued our “Inside Out” series through Romans as I taught Romans 7.

– The thrust of the message was letting go of religion and embracing the Gospel.

– I got more comments about the message than any message in recent memory.

– Mark didn’t lead worship since his baby was born this week.

– George did an amazing job leading worship. So proud of him!

– We hosted a food truck rally after our services that brought hundreds of unchurched people to our location who had never heard of us.

– We gave our info out to everyone who came out.  It was a big win for the church to hang out and to reach out.

– Plus, we raised a bunch of money for missions!

– Pastors: we had an incredible response to our “Top 5 Outreach Mistakes Churches Make” webinars.

– There were a lot of Pastors who couldn’t make it last week, so I decided to lead 2 more this Thursday (June 16th).

You can register for FREE here. (Note: we’re doing one webinar at 2PM EST and another at 7PM EST). Feel free to pick the one that’s most convenient for you.

– If you  haven’t heard about Outreach Ninja, you can read about it here. It’s the new way we’re going to do coaching at It’s much less expensive and it’s going to give you more tools to reach your community with resources that are “done-for-you”.

– We’re doing 100 charter memberships at $79, once those are gone it goes to the normal price. Based on the initial response, we’re expecting the charter memberships to long gone by the time we launch Outreach Ninja in August.