Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Services today went great.
– We still felt the effects of Spring Break in our middle service, but the other services felt great.
– I’m still getting used to teaching 3 times on Sunday. My throat was a little raw driving home today.
– We had some technical issues in our first service, that Mark was somehow able to fix just before the bumper video started ­čÖé
– We showed a clip from the show “Dirty Jobs”. It was hilarious!
– Taught on Psalm 23 today. Funny enough, I’ve never taught it before. It was great. I think people felt uplifted by the message that God is their Shepherd.
– A lot of first time guests. We shoot for a minimum of 5 guests for every 100 people. We’re hitting it.
– Taking a couple of days off after the services next week. Really forward to that.
– I’m amazed by the talent of our band. A couple of our regular musicians were out and you couldn’t even tell.
– Had our Membership class tonight, which was great! But my throat is really sore now.
– Im going to eat some dinner with Carey and Mia and then I’m done for the night