Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was absolutely amazing!
– We finished our “I AM” series with what I think was the best message of the lot.
– I taught on YHWH-Rapha (I am the God who heals you) – wow!
– I cut the message short and we gave people the opportunity to come forward and be anointed with oil for healing. It was amazing!
– We had communion elements available as well for anyone who wanted to come forward and partake. We normally serve communion, but this was the first time we invited people to come forward for communion.
– I felt great. My voice was at 100%! I’ll explain one of the reasons why later this week.
– We had our servant appreciation dinner tonight!
– What an amazing group of people! God showed me how much this church IS NOT about me!
– This Sunday is going to be rockin’! I always love teaching on Mother’s Day.
New series called “Frequency: Learning to Hear God’s Voice” starts on Sunday! I’ve been waiting to teach this one for a while.
– Did anyone else watch the Celtics game? Holy smokes!
– Read 2 great books over the last couple of days. Reviews forthcoming…
– Life is good!