Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

Awesome Sunday!
– We kicked off a new series called “TXT” You can hear the message here
– The message went over really well. I taught on the purpose of the Bible.
Mark is on vacation sitting under a palm tree in the Keys, but Hector did a great job leading worship
– There was a hideous sound that came out of our speakers during worship in the 1st service. It sounded like a demon was being exorcised from our sound system (not that I have 1st hand knowledge of what that would sound like)
– The church got to hear that Pastor John got engaged! It’s about time! Really happy for him and Carolina!
– With school getting out, I was sure we were going to be a ghost town. We had a fantastic crowd on Sunday!
– Picked up Bil CorneliusGod Big conference DVD while I was in CA. Been watching it. Awesome stuff!
– Funniest twitter of the week: Scott Hodge: “I just ran over a bunny. I hate the sound of that!”
– I hired an assistant this week. I’ve gone nearly 8 years without one, but I’m in desperate need of help. Wendy is going to rock when she gets here in a couple of weeks!
– Looking forward to a great day off with my family on Monday!