Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day today! 

– Taught Revelation 12
– Surprisingly good crowd. 
– Looking forward to not having to teach this Sunday :) 
– This Sunday we're doing "Bizzaro Sunday". Mark is teaching and I'm leading worship.  
– For those who don't know, when we first started Calvary, I taught and led worship.  
– We started a new round of new believer classes.  Lots of people interested in learning to basics of the faith.  
– Pastors, If you're interested in our new believer class curriculum, you can download it here.  
– Really excited about rolling out something new in the newsletter on Tuesday!  You can sign up to get it here.  
– Had a great time in Hartford this week leading a Zero to Sixty seminar.  It was good to hang out with my good friend Bill and have lunch with my older brother. 
– Finishing my current coaching network on Thursday.  I can't believe it's ending. I feel like we just got started. Awesome group of guys that are going to do well leading their churches.   
– Only 5 spots left for my new coaching network starting in August.  If you're interested in applying for this coaching experience for Senior Pastors, feel free to download an application here
– I've only mentioned this network twice in the newsletter and we're almost full.  So don't delay getting your application turned in!  
My wife is due in exactly one month.  Thankfully, Xander's room is done and we're ready for him.  
– My two-year old daughter asks everyday when he's coming ­čÖé
– Have a great week. I'm out…