Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was incredible!
– We had one service and crammed everyone in (which worked out nicely due to the Holiday weekend)
– The energy was amazing!
– Our volunteers was blessed by the “break”
– I felt like I had the day off since I only had to preach once ­čÖé
– I think we’re going to do this a couple times a year while we can size wise. It was a huge win for our church!
– We finished our TXT series with a bang! This was such a needed series for us. I’m glad we now have it in the archives.
– On July 20th we start a new series called “Uncensored” as we work through the book of Habakkuk
– I’ve been wanting to teach this book for 2 years and I’m so excited that it’s finally happening. I believe there’s a lot our church needs to hear in this book.
– My new Exec. Assistant Wendy is rockin’ the house! She started this week and is taking our office to another level and is helping me big time!
– 3 weddings this week back to back to back. I’m wedding’d out! (See twitter for details)
– Slow on my reading this week. Can’t seem to get into the books in hand. Might need to move on.
– Looking forward to a productive week.
– Our youth will be at camp this week. Looking forward to hearing good reports about that.
– Great time with family and friends after church. I BBQ’d some steaks. Nice!
– Now it’s Sox vs. Yanks…
– Peace out!