Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was awesome!
– We had a problem last week (The 9:30AM crowd was sleepy to put is mildly), so we bought dozens of Crispy Creme donuts and gave them to our 9:30 crowd as they came in. Needless to say, problem solved ­čÖé
– We finished Habakkuk today. I felt it was the message of the series. People responded really well.
Mark was out due to the birth of his son, so Tanya led worship today and rocked the house!
– Tanya also hosted the services today (in our context, the host is the person who prays, welcomes everyone and has them fill out their connection car) and she did a better job that anyone in the history of our church!
-We did a membership class today as well that John led which went really well.
11AM service was slammed! We need to switch the theatre that service meets in.
– My voice felt strong after the 3rd service (which is no small thing due to the fact that I only have 5 minutes in between messages)
– I’m really looking forward to the Leadership Summit at this church. Looking forward to seeing some friends and learning a lot.