Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was incredible!
– I thought we’d see a dip in attendance from last week… we didn’t!
– The band did an amazing job.
– The band did 4 song clips during the message to describe the 4 Greek words for love. When I was talking about “eros” love and Mark and the band played “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye, the place went nuts. It was hilarious!
– Our set up/ tear down crew are the most amazing group of people on planet earth.
– I felt great today teaching the services. 2 services with 30 minutes between teachings is a breeze.
– Lots of first time guests today. That’s a sign of church health.
– Our series, “New Testament Challenge” has been awesome. People are really responding to the challenges we’re laying out. Almost our entire church is committed to reading through the New Testament in 63 days. I’m doing it too. It’s really pushing me.
30 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts! Plus, cookies, Starbucks coffee and other goodies. Man, this church can eat! I guess every church takes on characteristics of its’ Pastor 🙂
– I’m so happy meeting at the High School. It’s taken our services to a new level.
– I talked to a bunch of people today and all of them were signed up for a small group. That’s good news!
– I uploaded some pictures from our first Sunday. You can view them here.
– This week was a crazy week, but I’m looking forward to a full week in the office. Plenty to do and get ready for.
– I love being the Pastor of this church. I am blown away by how much God has blessed me!
– I’m hoping the Red Sox wrap it up tonight. Sweeping the Angels 3 times in a row would be awesome.
– I’m hoping for a Dodgers vs. Red Sox World Series where the Red Sox can exact their revenge on Manny Ramirez 🙂
– Have a great week!