Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– What an awesome day!
– We had a great crowd.
25 people made a decision to follow Jesus! That’s amazing!
– We always have 5-10 decisions a week, but 25 is great!
– Miami needs the Gospel and we are here to proclaim it.
– The Mayor of Miami Lakes was at our 2nd service today. It was great to meet him and connect with him. He seems like a really humble, sincere guy that wants to do a lot of good in the city.
– I taught on “The Challenge of Forgiveness”. It connected. I watched people moved to tears in the service. It broke my heart. But I pray God brings healing to them as they forgive and let go of the hurt.
– We had a cook out after the service. It was great. We also had a hot dog eating contest. Watching grown men try to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 5 minutes is something that’s just fun to watch.
– Some may say it’s promoting gluttony, but it’s all in good fun 🙂 What’s funny is that guys who did the best were the skinniest. What’s up with that?
– The winner got a deluxe BBQ utensil set. I wanted to give them hot dogs. I’m sure they’re glad I wasn’t in charge of that 🙂
– The band was rockin’ as usual.
– Our New Testament Challenge series ends in 4 weeks. Then it’s a 2 week Christmas series. Then we kick off the year with a series called “Fuel” thats going to set the tone for 2009. Can’t wait!
– I’m looking for a way to connect with the up and coming leaders in our church. I think I’m going to lead a Small Group in the Spring and get those guys together and invest in them.
– it’s a short week for me this week. Going on vacation with my family. I’m counting down the minutes.
– I love ministry. I love my church. I love what I get to do. But I need a break.
– Didn’t do much reading this week. planning to read a bunch while I’m out of town.
– I’m also going to finish my next book. I’ve been writing it for the last 5 months, but the end is in sight. I need about 10 hours to wrap it up.
– I’ve been really praying for the election on Tuesday. It’s important that we all vote. It’s amazing to me that only 50% of America exercises the right that 1/2 the world wishes they had.
– I think I’m officially “retiring” from Twitter. I feel I’m getting more done without it.
– Thanksgiving’s in 3 weeks. Where did the year go?
– This week on the blog: my thoughts on planning a preaching calendar. Stay tuned.
– I’m going to hang out with my family, so I’m out…