Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Total insanity today!  

– Biggest crowd in the history of our church! 
– Totally amazing to see over 75 people make a decision to follow Jesus 
– I worked on this message more than any other message in my life.  I believe God blessed my perseverance.  
– We did an Easter egg hunt after each service.  Over 10,000 eggs. Tons of kids (don't have a count yet).  But it was awesome.  The mayor of Miami Lakes was our MC.  He's a believer and a really nice guy.  
– I can't tell you how proud I am on my staff.  They worked their butts off to make this Easter the best ever.  Mission Accomplished! 
– I'm so proud of those who call Calvary Fellowship home.  They invited like crazy and God worked in a major way.  
– I'm so blessed to Pastor a church with the type of volunteers we have.  They rose to the occasion and worked like never before to make the services what they were.  
– Our band was simply amazing! 
– Satan tried to throw everything he could at us, but unfortunately for him Jesus still got glorified (story forthcoming)
– I'm so blessed to be the Pastor of this church.  God is too good to me.  
– I'm wiped out.  The last 2 weeks have been pretty crazy with Easter and Zero to Sixty's release on May 1st (btw – have I mentioned that yet?)
– I'm taking Monday off.  Going to spend it with my family and some friends.  
– I'm going to watch some baseball and read a book. Peace out…

P.S. He is risen!  Jesus saved me nearly 16 years ago and my goal from that day has been to serve Him with every ounce of my being.  I'm so thankful that God called me into ministry.  This verse has been ringing in my head these days…