Sunday Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

– Another great day at Calvary! 

– I taught 3 John as we continued in our Postcards series

– I went long again on the message.

– Even teaching the shortest books of the Bible, it's hard to keep it to 40 minutes.

– We celebrated Communion today. It's always special time. 

– No Wednesday night service this Wednesday. One of the hassles of not having your own place. But we'll pick back up in Genesis 6 next Wednesday. 

– I'm amazed at how much brand new Christians want to know God's Word

– I've been blessed to see some folks who have left Calvary come back recently. 

– Teaching God's Word is one of the greatest joys of my life. It's an honor to proclaim it before God's people

– Nearly 100 people have make 1st time decisions in 2011. That gets be excited! 

– The group that just got back from our Cubs missions trip is fired up! Love seeing that kind of zeal. 

– Going to be talking about some heavy stuff on the blog this week. Stay tuned…