Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Awesome day today! 

– I taught on the subject of parenting from Proverbs 20. 

– This is the 1st year that I've taught on parenting. I didn't want to teach on it until I had some time under my belt ­čÖé

– I know I've mentioned it before, but I absolutely love teaching through Proverbs! 

– We're continuing Proverbs through December and then we'll do a stand alone message the 1st Sunday of the year and then kick off a new series January 10th.  

– The band was amazing today! These guys are an amazing bunch.  

– We're doing a worship concert on December 4th at the location of our new Miramar campus. All the money from the event goes to launching that new campus.  

– Speaking of the Miramar campus, we announced the campus 3 weeks ago and challenged our church to give towards launching this campus and over 60% of the money has come in.  The generosity of Calvary amazes me.  

– For those who might think, "Well, that's because they're a rich church." That's just not true. Our church is working class, but we have a high level of participation in giving. 

– How have we seen over 1,000 people give at Calvary this year? Our story and strategy is right here.

– We had a sizable group out today with the Nascar race in Homestead.  For the record, Nascar is stupid. 

– I read an amazing book this week. I'm going to review it in the newsletter. I'l also be talking direct mail and a couple other things. You can subscribe here for free. 

– By the way, I'm leading a tele-seminar called, "The 7 Deadly Sins of Direct Mail" on Thursday, December 3rd. I'm excited by all the people registering and who are already sending in questions that they want me to answer during the tele-seminar. I'm looking forward to it! You can register here if you're interested. 

– I've heard from several guys in my last coaching network who launched their churches over the last month. Amazing stories! I'm blessed to be part of what God is doing in their churches. 

– My next tele-coaching network starts in February. It's limited to 12 Senior Pastors. All the info is here

– This weekend I'll put together our family budget for 2010. Plus, we'll talk about our 2010 goals. 

– This is a really important conversation that families need to have. 

– I'm going to talk about what I've learned about church budgeting this week. I hope it's helpful as you get prepared for 2010.  

– We normally end the service with announcing and receiving the offering. But I have felt like it's important to end the service with a word for the people to take with them.  

– So today I talked about the prayer of blessing that Jewish dads say to their kids during Sabbath.  They say, "May the Lord make you like Ephraim and Manasseh." Then he prays the blessing from Numbers 6. I thought it was a powerful ending to the service. 

– I'm probably going to continue doing something along these lines each week.  

– We had a few glitches, but I doubt anyone noticed them. All in all, it was an awesome Sunday!